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ben carlson: Things I'm Looking Forward To

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ben carlson

Things I'm Looking Forward To

Aug 21, 10:02 PM

Here’s a list of things coming up in the next few months that I’m looking forward to:

  • Burn After Reading coming out Friday, September 12th
  • Late September the Red Wings season starts.
  • The Fabled City is the second Nightwatchmen album, it comes out on September the 30th.
  • Lunatic Soul is a project from one of the members of Riverside, a band I thoroughly enjoy. Lunatic Soul has their debut album coming out on October 13th.
  • Sept. 20th marks the date for a longboard meetup in Marquette. Super pumped about that.
  • Sept. 10th the indoor city vball league starts again. Hopefully I haven’t crashed again on my longboard before than, and hopefully I’m headed up from it by then as well.
  • I’ll be helping out a friend from church with a Youth for Christ ministry that he runs at the high schools, this will occur every Monday.
  • Friends come back to school (even though I’m done with school, it’s still kind of exciting), so I’ll have a few other things to do. (Like M:tG, yay.)

Hrm, that’s all I can think of right now. I always hope things will cool down a bit so I get a bit more freetime, but time has taught me that that never happens, so I guess I’ll just enjoy the business I’m becoming accustomed to. Hope you are all doing well!


Diane said:

Hey Bennie,

Good to hear from you once again! And dad said to say, we are very excited to hear you are going to be helping with Youth for Christ – that is great!!! PTL

The movies/music stuff I don’t really know anything about. And are you missing going to school?

And about the busyness, isn’t that amazing, and from my perspective things only speed up in life, never slow down!

And good to hear you are keeping busy, that is a good thing!

I was also hoping there might be pics and comments of the great time we had when visiting you and camping and stuff together. It was great!!!

Anyway – love you Bennie,