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ben carlson

Clutch—The Dragonfly

Oct 12, 12:05 AM

This is probably one of my favorite Clutch songs, and has lyrics that I just love. That’s one thing I really enjoy about Clutch; their lyrics aren’t the normal relationship babble that you hear in most pop music. They’re mystical, exciting, small stories in and of themselves. I hope you enjoy these lyrics.

Could’ve been a swan on a glassy lake.
Could’ve been a gull in a clipper’s wake.
Could’ve been a ladybug on a windchime,
but she was born a dragonfly.

In the sun she warmed her wings
and listened to the cicadas sing.

“The trees are all bending
in one direction
because of something…”

Cross-pollination by the legs of bees in the spring
is a beautiful thing.
Oh when the sun goes down,
the fireflies come out.

In a pond crept a slimy thing
that hummed a theme from the Rites of Spring.

Pity the mate of Queen Mantis,
so content, but so headless.
Katydid nothing but shiver and cry,
as did the dragonfly.

In the shade the gypsies spin
Among the cloves, they drop their skin.

“...beyond the hedgegrove,
over by the willows,
deep in the shadows…”

Regeneration occurs at a furious speed
beneath the white oak tree.
Oh when the sun comes up
the moon buds fold up.

In the sun she warmed her wings
and listened to the Rites of Spring

Could’ve been a swan on a glassy lake.
Could’ve been a gull in a clipper’s wake.
Could’ve been a ladybug on a windchime,
but she was born a dragonfly.

“...ain’t ever seen it, but i have heard it.
Sounds like the millstones when they are turning,
but every moment getting louder and louder,
and then there is silence,
and the smell of flowers.”

And if you want to listen to it, the sound makes the lyrics sound so much better.


Oct 11, 02:02 PM

Oh man, I really need to get my own longboard.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Oct 6, 05:59 PM

I did something unusual for myself today (Saturday); I woke up at 9:30 AM. A friend asked me about a week ago if I wanted to play in an ultimate Frisbee tournament. I haven’t played real ultimate Frisbee since high school, but I thought it’d be a good time to push the boundaries of my knee and see if I’d be OK doing something other than volleyball, which has been dominating my free time since the end of last school year.

It has been raining hard off and on all morning. We played on the soccer fields, the few spots of grass on campus that get the least bit of love from everyone. The fields were torn up badly, and there were pools of mud / water everywhere. This wasn’t good conditions to put my knee through because half the time when I stepped somewhere I didn’t know how deep it would be, and often I would find my knee locking up or buckling a little bit. But it wasn’t too bad.

We ended up winning two out of our three games. The third game it poured heavily throughout the entire game. We were playing long enough to watch the football team walk up to the fields for our Homecoming game, and then walk back off the field because it was too wet for them to play. Weak.

Anyways, a long warm shower and a nap (man am I still sore) helped immensely. Tech’s Hockey team opens tonight up at McInnes, and I’ll be watching it with Adam and his family, who are up for the weekend. Adam’s parents drove the long way through Chicago and picked us up some Chinese dinner rolls in Chinatown because I’ve expressed my deepest desires for them! I’m fairly excited, to say the least.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Riverside—Check Them Out

Oct 4, 04:12 PM

The band Riverside.

I’ve been on a music hiatus of sorts, not listening to as much as I usually do. But I needed something to keep me company while boarding in to work. I’ve been listening to a lot of Riverside lately. They’re from Poland, which is sweet. Don’t ask me why, it just is. It sounds better than America. Poland. I’m not good with genres but if I had to guess I’d say they fall into the progressive rock category.

You really need to check them out.

Bomb Hills, Not Countries

Sep 26, 03:09 PM

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to ride in to work on Ryan’s girlfriend’s long board. While I didn’t get a chance to ride any amazing hills, I did roll through half of campus without having to push. It’s almost like surfing on cement, I absolutely love it, and want one (of course). I also get to take it in to work tomorrow and Friday, as a secondary mode of transportation after finding out my car is irreparable.

Anyways, on the bottom, Danielle put a sticker that says “Bomb Hills, Not Countries.” I love this line. The skateboarding culture has always fascinated me. There’s so many interpretations about it, but they’re all interesting in their own way. For example, at work sometimes we see skateboarding kids rolling by outside our windows, and my coworkers like to call them “street rats.” While there can certainly be this association with skateboarders, as many of them dress and act punk, and punk is usually not a subculture that people associate with “good,” a lot of skateboarders aren’t like this. It’s a community just like any other, with tight ties between each other and a love for something similar. Many skateboarders do love other people and are usually non-violent. This sticker, in my opinion, really fits the long board aesthetic, as long boarding is more often associated with surfing rather than trick skateboarding. And surfing is generally viewed as something more natural and peaceful, even sometimes hippie-like. I urge you to try to practice believing that the outside isn’t what counts, and not to judge before you get to know.

And remember, Bomb Hills, Not Countries.

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